You've never heard anything like Samskara Radio's new remixes EP

You’ve never heard anything like Samskara Radio’s new remixes EP

Gold Coast-based artist producer Samskara Radio’s original track Can’t Kill The Radio is an 80’s inspired electro bop. Independently released last year, the track has now been remixed by producers from Australia, the US, and Ukraine. The result is an EP of tracks that, while similar, are more varied in style and composition than the last.

Featuring remixes from the likes of Miami House producer Austin Leeds, OK Go drummer Dan Konopka, and Melbourne DJ Duo Remach, the EP features a range of genres. From acid house to 2000’s techno, I doubt you’d have heard an EP quite like this one.


Samskara Radio’s Can’t Kill The Radio Versions/Remixes EP is an expert demonstration of varying electro house genres, all taking inspiration from the incredible original single.

The EP features remixed instrumentals, full tracks with vocals and radio edits. Each track adds a new flavour and depth to the original piece. With full force bass lines, guitar riffs and the occasional electro house drop, it’s near impossible to find yourself bored while flicking through the tracks.

Across its eight-track duration, the EP pulls in myriad directions. It never sits in one place for too long, and this is perhaps its most captivating quality. One moment you’ll be floating through hallucinatory psych, and the next you’ll be grooving to dynamic electronica.

Give the original a listen below before diving headfirst into the remix EP.