Samuel L. Jackson calls for people to “stay the f*ck at home” in new bedtime story

Samuel L. Jackson has spoken and you should definitely be listening. We’re all aware of the need to stay home and prioritise social distancing in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus and ensure the health and safety of everyone around us, but sometimes it takes a warning to be read in Samuel L. Jackson’s smooth and sultry tone to get the message across.

That is exactly what went down when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to read his latest poem.

Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson has a message for everyone through these crazy times: “stay the fuck at home!”

Samuel L. Jackson has spoken and what he says goes. Appearing as a special guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s renowned American TV show, Jackson remotely joined Kimmel through a video conference call. Sporting a purple hat, matching hoodie, and a t-shirt with a cartoon rendition of himself in that very outfit, we were reminded that it has been nearly a decade since his first breakthrough bedtime story Go the Fuck to Sleep. 

Now Samuel L. Jackson has a message for everyone: Stay the Fuck at Home! Jackson has managed to bring a silver lining to our lives in isolation with a sequel bedtime story encouraging us all to flatten the curve and remain at home unless necessary.

The poem is obviously the stuff of literary genius, featuring a stanza that is particularly heartfelt:

“Now technically, I’m not a doctor
But motherfuckers listen when I read a poem
So here I am, Samuel motherfucking Jackson
Imploring you to keep your ass at home.”

Make sure you catch the full interview and reading of the poem by Jackson himself in the video below, and remember to stay the fuck at home until we get through this pandemic.