Resonating Reverie: Exploring Savanah Solomon’s Curated Playlist of Musical Bliss

Welcome to Savanah Solomon’s playlist, a harmonious realm where captivating stories, and melodies intertwine in perfect harmony.

Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Moore River in Western Australia, Savanah emerges as a remarkable singer/songwriter, carrying the indelible mark of her country upbringing and an unwavering passion for the art of storytelling.

Within the depths of her alt-country EP, ‘Where the River Meets the Sea,’ lies an auditory masterpiece that delicately embraces your senses while showcasing Savanah’s unparalleled prowess as a songwriter.

savanah solomon

With six tracks that weave together the essence of nature’s allure, wanderlust-filled adventures, thought-provoking conversations with her father, and the intricacies of life itself, this playlist is a celebration of the stories, the sound, and the inspiration that shaped Savanah’s musical journey.

From the empowering introspection of “Where the River Meets the Sea” to the enchanting observations in “Binoculars,” and the profound wisdom of “Forest for the Trees,” each song encapsulates a moment of profound connection and reflection.

With influences ranging from Neil Young to Julia Stone and Missy Higgins, Savanah’s playlist transports you into a world where melodies and lyrics intertwine, offering solace, inspiration, and a reminder to cherish the beauty that surrounds us.

So, dive in and immerse yourself in the magic that is Savanah Solomon’s curated playlist, where every note resonates with a touch of pure bliss.

The stories, the sound, the inspiration

Where the River Meets the Sea

I live near Guilderton, a small country town where the river (Moore River) meets the sea – it is my home, a place that signifies resilience and strength, and the place where this song began.

Where the River Meets the Sea’ is my story about outgrowing a small country town and feeling stuck and stagnant in life. Although it delves into life’s mundane moments, it is an inspiring reminder that these parts of our lives are stepping stones to bigger and better things.

 We should never lose sight of our dreams, and sometimes we need to break through that fear to set ourselves free.

‘Unknown Legend’ – Neil Young, and ‘Stepping Stones’ Dani Young – really inspired the lyrics to this song – their similar notions of longing and hope was something I tried to capture in ‘Where the River Meets the Sea’


My parents had bought me a pair of Binoculars for my twenty-third birthday, for bird watching and wildlife viewing while on my travels.

Using these Binoculars were a reminder to me that sometimes we need to pay attention to the ‘small’ things – whether that’s sitting under a tree listening to the wind rustle through the leaves, or watching the fairy wrens dance around – we need to observe nature more.

When we pay attention to the small things, we notice the simple beauty around us we most often miss.

Forest For the Trees

Forest for the trees, like many of my songs, was inspired by a conversation with my Dad. About four years ago, after asking my Dad a deep philosophical question, he turned to me and said ‘Sav, you can’t see the Forest For the Trees’.

Not knowing what he meant I asked him to explain it to me, and his response was that “sometimes we try so hard looking into the finer detail we can’t see the bigger picture”. This was a sudden lightbulb moment for me, and to me the bigger picture in life will always be love, kindness, and respect.

I was also listening to Buffalo Springfield – ‘For What It’s Worth’ at the time, and actually took a line from that song “Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong”, and flipped it in reverse in this one.

“Nobody’s wrong if everybody’s right”. Maybe instead of thinking about what is right and what is wrong, the answer should be what is love.

The Desert

‘The Desert’ was inspired by my first ever road-trip to Broome; after passing the Sandfire Roadhouse and being surrounded by the vast outback. There is just something about the Desert – the red haze and blue horizon, and the nothingness that completely surrounded me. I was born in Derby and grew up in Broome – so in some ways when I see Pindan it feels like I’m returning home.

‘The Desert’ really captured what that felt like for me, and the importance of spending time in nature. We are all intrinsically connected to nature- which can be a healing experience.

I really wanted to capture the spirit of the Desert with an enchanting ethereal sound, and ‘Beds are Burning’ – Julia Stone, ‘Desert Song’ – Edward Shape and the Magnetic Zeros, and ‘Black River’ – Sierra Hull were all songs we looked at in the studio to reference that sound.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing was also inspired by a conversation with my Dad. He had recently heard that a childhood friend of his had passed away, and we talked about the difficulty of losing friends and feeling like the last man standing. We discussed growing old, the journey towards death, and the feeling of getting left behind in a world that’s rapidly changing. Neil Young’s sound really influenced this country rock tune.


Change is a reminder to myself that even during the uncertainty of life good things are always coming my way. Sometimes we need to run straight through the fear to truly embrace change.

Change was recorded live in the studio, with my third take being the final take. It is raw, real and I feel like my emotions are really captured in this recording.

‘Forgive Me’ by Missy Higgins inspired the idea of a live recording – which I feel captures the special essence of this tune.

Listen to’ Where the River Meets The Sea’ in full here.