Scandinavian soul outfit LOLA's debut EP is a multi-faceted masterpiece

Scandinavian soul outfit LOLA’s debut EP is a multi-faceted masterpiece

LOLA is a powerful songstress and entrancing front woman. We were blown away when we caught her single Deep Soul  a few weeks back. Her mesmerising ability to float melodically and craft engaging moments of passion is what has put the Scandinavian outfit on the map.

Look At Us Now, LOLA’s debut EP, is a wild journey through the tumults of heartbreak, ultimately cascading down like a sun shower of brilliance and honey.


LOLA’s debut EP is a wondrously cohesive and multi-faceted gem of soul and force. Delve to the nucleus of passion and grace in ‘Look At Us Now’

Just as impressive as LOLA herself are the smooth soundscapes forged by her band to serve the voice. There are flavours of oriental influences with strings and plucked harp dipped into the neo-jazz waters of artists like Hiatus Kaiyote.

The eight track collection is seamlessly woven together with cohesive transient conduit’s to thoughtful reprise, playing out like some ambient dreamscape. The ultimate drawcard here are the insightful excursions from lead singer Mikala Bosetti’s Italian mother and grandmother, delivering humbling yet powerful philosophies on the continuity of time, harkening back to Neitzsche’s theory of eternal recurrence.

We see the EP kinda like a short film,” – LOLA explain. “First interlude is the introduction, followed by the first song where we lead you in to the story and the plot of the movie. To the last song and lastly End Credits where the story ends. Everything is tied together and has a meaning a creates a story.” 

Check out Look At Us Now below:

Indeed the EP plays out like the an RnB continuum of heartbreak, from the The Pain to the self-validated power implicit in R.OD. and Chinese On A Saturday, it’s all delivered with the perfect amount of ‘fuck you’.

The EP closer, Deep Soul is a magnificently sensual and tender expression of love, acting as the healing of the break up arc. Combining neo-soul with high-quality production with the deep and loungey aesthetics of 90’s underground high fashion, LOLA have created something buttery and lush.

All in all the debut EP from rising Scandinavian soul outfit LOLA is damn near a masterpiece. The intense energy and passion is only subsided by the sheer effortless of Bosetti’s exposition, as if this EP constructed itself around her out of necessity, rather than her lifting a finger.