Scared of Sharks unleashing raw energy and shared musical tastes on the 'We'll Call It a Tour!' Tour"

Scared of Sharks unleashing raw energy and shared musical tastes on the ‘We’ll Call It a Tour!’ Tour”

Music has the power to bring people together, and for Australian rockers Scared of Sharks, their shared passion for a wide range of genres has bonded them both on and off stage.

Scared of Sharks, the four-piece band from Mogareeka, Australia, is making waves in the music scene with their eclectic blend of genres and unapologetic attitude. As they gear up for their “We’ll call it a tour!” tour, fans can expect electrifying performances and raw, unfiltered sound that leave audiences craving more.

Their dynamic and engaging energy is palpable on stage, with headbanging and witty banter between songs, showing a relaxed and candid approach that’s sure to win fans over. They strike the perfect balance between delivering a raw, unfiltered sound while still not taking themselves too seriously, a standout trait in the music industry.

scared of sharks

Although they have diverse musical influences, Scared of Sharks finds common ground in some of their favourite tunes. Louis Crouton loves Tim Jong un by One Man No City and Parquet Courts, Taylor Schwift adores Nelson Lama’s I’m Not Your Mother, I’m Not Your Bitch and Courtney Barnett’s music, Nelson Lama enjoys The Clash’s Charlie Don’t Surf, and Tim Jong Un jams to Song For The Dead by Queens of The Stone Age.

And one song that they all agree on is AC/DC’s Riff Raff, Live Glasgow, Scotland, April 30, 1978, from the album If You Want Blood You Got it. This song captures AC/DC at their fiery best, with Angus shredding, Bon screaming, and Malcom, Phil, and Cliff providing the metronomic platform for the band to deliver a stunning performance.

So if you’ve ever wondered what they listen too in-between trying to work out if water is wet or not, these are just some of the songs.

Louis Crouton – Tim Jong un

One Man No City – Parquet Courts 

Louis: During the latter days of Covid when we’d lost our minds enough to spend an afternoon sat too close to the speakers. I’d play through bands entire discographies and Parquet Courts echoed through the house for countless hours. Huge fan, they’re great at getting some weird sounds out of their instruments. I apologise to Tim who is now more familiar with the Andrew Savage’s voice than his own mother’s.

Taylor Schwift – Nelson Lama 

I’m Not Your Mother, I’m Not Your Bitch – Courtney Barnett 

Taylor: First time I went to Nelson’s house I instantly liked him as he had a giant “tell me how you really feel” Cardboard Poster. He wouldn’t give it to me, or sell it to me. When I asked about it last he said he’d had to chuck it out in a house move. I was a bit annoyed, so I put his one off his shoes in the garden when I left that day and didn’t tell him. We still get along.

Nelson Lama – Louis Crouton 

Charlie Don’t Surf – The Clash

Nelson: I Dunno, I like The Clash, Louis likes The Clash… this is a good song.

Tim Jong Un – Taylor Schwift

Song For The Dead – Queens of The Sone Age

Tim: Taylor and I first met at lost Paradise 2017/18 when we were camped next to each other and he commented on my Songs For The Deaf tattoo. only took him 4 more years to ask me to have a jam. Now whenever he gets sick of my DnB or I get sick of whatever new garage rock band he’s found, we’ll always happily agree on Queens Of The Stone Age.

And one they can all agree on.

Riff Raff, Live Glasgow, Scotland, April 30, 1978. From If You Want Blood You Got it – AC/DC.

Its AccaDacca at their furious best. Angus shredding, Bon screaming and Malcom, Phil and Cliff providing the metronomic platform for it all to be built on. What’s not to like.

Scared of Sharks are:

Taylor Schwift: Guitar, Vocals

Tim Jong Un: Drums

Louis Crouton: Bass

Nelson Lama: Guitar

Catch them next on their “We’ll call it a tour!” Tour:

The “We’ll call it a tour!” tour will kick off at Meraki Arts Bar on March 29th in Sydney, followed by shows at Sideway in Canberra, Cherry Bar in Melbourne, TBH Fridays in Wollongong, and the Port Kembla Festival on April 22nd. With their unique and entertaining stage presence, Scared of Sharks’ performances are sure to be unforgettable.

Scared of Sharks is a band to watch out for with their refreshing approach to music and ability to connect with fans through their raw, unfiltered sound and high-energy performances. Their “We’ll call it a tour!” tour promises to be a thrilling experience that fans won’t want to miss.scared of sharks