ScoMo and Jordan Peterson discuss political “vision” in Canberra

ScoMo and Jordan buddy up after Parliament House meeting, with the former Aussie PM declaring, “he makes a lot of sense.”

Parliament House was popping off yesterday (November 24), as a meeting of ill-famed minds including ScoMo, Pauline Hanson and Barnaby Joyce gathered in Canberra to hear Jordan Peterson talk.

According to the Canadian media figure, psychologist, professor and political commentator, he travelled to Canberra to spread his “hateful message of faith, maturity and personal responsibility among Australian politicos.”

Documenting the event on social media, politician Matt Canavan said: “It was a huge privilege to host Jordan Peterson today at Parliament House. He encouraged political leaders to fight for a coherent agenda of cheap energy, local environmental protection, holding up the nuclear family as the ideal and encouraging individual responsibility.”

Apparently, our former PM, ScoMo really dug the speech, and Peterson took a liking to him as well. Taking to social media, Peterson wrote, “In Canberra today with former PM Scott Morrison talking about a renewed classic liberal/conservative vision.”

After the event, ScoMo described his encounter with the controversial Candian figure, who is a self-proclaimed “professor against political correctness,” via Facebook: “Enjoyed meeting up and having a chat with Dr Jordan B Peterson in Canberra this afternoon,” stated Morrison. “He makes a lot of sense.”