Scott Morrison announces that he’s naming his chooks after the wives of ex-prime ministers

The latest PR stunt for Scott Morrison has come across as blatantly see-through, and frankly, a little creepy.

Oh, Scott Morrison, you calculated thing. From donning Sharks jerseys to undertaking DIY projects, Scotty from marketing carefully projects the image of being a personable Aussie to great avail.

However, naming his chooks after ex-PMs’ wives might be a bridge too far.

Scott Morrison
Photo: via Instagram

Is building a chicken coop for your kids’ chooks a relatable activity? I’ll let you be the judge. At first glance, it looks like a pretty wholesome hustle for the long weekend. Something to make your uncle shout “Good on ya Scotty!” at the computer screen, scarily devoid of irony. But this is politics. A second glance is always necessary; otherwise, you might miss something as priceless as ScoMo shitting himself at Engadine Maccas in 1997.

The ‘daggy’ PM shared the little photoshoot to his Instagram on Sunday and was quickly praised and lightheartedly teased by various media outlets around the country.

Of course, I have no issue with the building of the coop. It’s what’s going inside that feels a bit off.

“Next step is to get some chickens”, Scott Morrison writes on Instagram. “They’re [Morrison’s family] going to call it Lodge Ladies and name some of their chicks after former PM’s wives who lived at The Lodge.”

Um, ok.

The whole naming chickens after the wives of ex-prime ministers comes off more than a little sexist (hello, what about Julia Gillard?) And, as Dr Anne Fletcher points out on Twitter, far beyond just being the spouses of ex-PMs, many of these women had significant careers of their own. Naming a bunch of chickens after “former PMs’ wives” just feels a little crass.

Beyond the ridiculousness of the whole backyard project, is of course the awkward photos. Isn’t it convenient how there are no photos of Scott Morrison actually constructing the coop?

Ah well, at least he got to hold the drill in the photoshoot. Wishing Scotty a more convincing PR stunt next time round.