If travelling alone through outer space had a soundtrack, it would be Seattle Fix

Seattle Fix are the mystical Melbourne duo made up of Olivia Puchalski and Luke Burns, and their ambient, vibrant melodies are making waves in the eternal indie-rock ocean.

Influenced by bands such as The XX, Snakadaktal and Warpaint, Seattle Fix finished recording their debut EP in 2016, releasing it to the online world in September. Not being able to gig until the following year, the indie dream pop duo are fresh meat on the scene and making their big debut next month.

Seattle Fix

Featuring the powerhouse Olivia Puchalski on guitar, synth and the vocals with Luke Burns on the drums, it’s fair to say we’re mesmerised by the monolithic Seattle Fix.

Seattle Fix have a, unique, dark sound similar to MS MR and an ambience reflective of Grimes. Track Funky opens with a guitar riff heralding its title, later progressing into a softer melody. Puchalski’s dark vocals coexist within the lush soundscapes, creating a mix of high and lows in wispy contrast.

Flare follows on a similar path. A blend of light harmonies and warm ambience, this is probably what drifting off through the galaxy alone would sound like. 

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Finally opens with a gentle beat before Puchalski’s soft voice washes over the top, growing louder as she sings, “There’s no getting up, don’t bring me down”. As her vocals hit harmony after harmony, Burns’ swelling percussion rolls in and a soft ambience fills the air.

Dark Idea takes us down another shadowy avenue, the lyrics rich with the inklings of life experiences which haven’t ended happily. The song sings of tears, failure and weakness… it’ll have you reflecting on your whole damn life before the runtime is up. 

Having already recorded a second EP Teddy Bear which is due to be released later this year, you can catch this dynamic duo on July 1st at The Retreat Hotel in Brunswick. Seattle fix will be showcasing the belated released of their First EP along with The Sand Dollars, Beautiful Beasts and Caitlin D’Souza. Details here.

Oh, and entry is free.