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The latest EP from Melbourne’s Seattle Fix is a brilliant entry into Aussie dream pop

The latest in dream pop is here with the sophomore EP from Melbourne band Seattle Fix, titled Teddy Bear. A well crafted blend of big cinematic builds and intricate synth lines, this is a killer new cut and one which I thoroughly enjoyed.

It has a foundation of quality and warmth, making it an extremely easy EP to take in.

Seattle Fix

Bright, bold and beautiful beyond words, Melbourne’s Seattle Fix have nailed dramatic dream pop down to the letter on Teddy Bear.

Wake Up boasts great guitars, really beautiful builds, and a gorgeous instrumental introduction. Altogether it’s a lovely foreword to the record, the crashing cymbals and simple guitar being especially well articulated.

The next track Save Yourself has a much softer start, a huge Vallis Alps influence, and big builds. This one is a great addition to the record, the soft drums being perfectly in sync with the vocals… it’s a really well balanced track with a unique and captivating trajectory.

Where I’d Rather Be moves the EP into much faster territory. Harbouring a dramatic guitar and drums intro with bigger pop sounds, this is my favourite song on the record. It’s a really clearly delivered combination of Seattle Fix’s love for big sonic landscapes and bold pop builds.

Broken is packed with glitchy with soothing melodic undertones. The guitars bring in a bright pop element which takes it far from anything too ethereal.

The lyricism is surprisingly more complex than one would expect from a dream pop record, the vocal tone of Stevie Nicks coming to mind, tying in that alt pop influence. Out of Reach is once again glitchy and filled with well articulated space undertones, placed over such a strong drum beat.

Seattle Fix are officially releasing the EP on November 4th at The Revolver in Melbourne. If you’re in town that night I highly recommend you drop by, I really enjoyed this record and can imagine that it will only translate well into a live set.

Grab all the details on their Facebook event.


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October 24, 2017