Stevie Nicks re-records her 1982 classic Gypsy for eponymous Netflix Original based on the song

Gypsy is the name of a brand new Netflix series inspired by a 1982 Stevie Nicks track of the same name. 

Lisa Rubin wrote the pilot episode for her show after listening to the track in a coffee shop and felt an immediate connection. Rubin, having never heard Gypsy before, felt as though the lyrics resonated with the show which dealt with identity issues, feelings of longing and grounding yourself. 

Re-recording her iconic 1982 track Gypsy for a TV series of the same name, Stevie Nicks breathes new life into one of her most classic cuts.

Once the script was complete, executive producer Liza Chasin approached Nicks and asked if she would re-record in her own version of the song on piano, who was more than happy to show the world Gypsy the way she originally wrote it.

According to Chasin, the re-recorded version has a darker, much rawer element. The track was produced by Adele and Greg Kurstin, producer for Sia

Gypsy is a psych thriller about therapist Jean Holloway (Naomi Watts) who forms intimate relationships with people close to her patients, becoming at odds between her personal life and work life. The ten episode series is set to air this Friday, June 30.


Via NME.