Seekay serve up dazzling electronica on their debut single Hurts

Seekay have hit the ground running with with the first official release Hurts. In an exploration of love and a love’s transient nature, Hurts delivers down-tempo electronic pop that nods to artists such as Lorde, Bjork, and Galimatias.

The track is busy; weaving elements of contemporary electronica with a strong vocal performance and some really out-there samples.

Seekay’s first single Hurts tugs at your heartstrings and moves your hips. It’s a raw, cathartic message, dressed in dazzling electronica.

As sonically complex as Hurts is, its clear intent makes for an easy listen. Seekay ask one question; do we deserve it when the love we share with someone amounts to pain? To that, I don’t know the answer, but I can tell you this song slaps.

The track was produced in NYC by Arthur Pingery and mastered at Sterling Sound in New Jersey. Unsurprisingly, it’s already garnered some serious attention online.

Hurts is soaked in self awareness. Talking about their time growing up and how it bled into the track, Seekay shared:

“Growing up I had a very idealised version of myself and how it was all going to be. It turned out nothing like that and after trying many things the only things that remained constant for me were poetry and songwriting. These were the only parts of my life where I persevered long enough to gain some modicum and sense of of self.”

If you’ve slipped into a moment of self-reflection after reading that, don’t worry… us too. When you’ve snapped back to the real world, be sure to check out Hurts above.