Want a satisfying reboot hit? Selena Gomez is set to reprise her role as Alex Russo on ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’

The Russo family is making a return, and Waverly Place is gearing up for a whole new, albeit more grounded, adventure

In what could possibly be the most satisfying reboot news ever — yes, even better than “That ’70s Show,” which, let’s face it, took somewhat of a hit with “That ’90s Show,” Selena Gomez is dusting off her Alex Russo sass for the reboot of “Wizards of Waverly Place.”

And no, it’s not just a nostalgia trip – it’s Alex, all grown up and adulting in the real world, magic and all.

selena gomez

If you grew up watching the OG series from ’07 to ’12, you probably spent a good chunk of your childhood daydreaming about being as cool as Alex Russo. Now, we get to see Selena Gomez rocking the adulting game, dealing with everyday chaos while still holding onto her magical roots.

Just imagine adult Alex Russo – we’re talking real-world problems – mortgages, relationships – mixed with the added craziness of mentoring the next generation of wizards. It’s a recipe for a seriously entertaining and relatable storyline.

Selena shared via  the “Wizards of Waverly Pod” podcast that her “biggest mistake” was losing touch with them. “I felt ashamed… and I didn’t want to let you down,” she admitted. This vulnerability could translate into a more nuanced Alex, a sorceress navigating not just magical mishaps but the complexities of friendship, fame, and growing up.

Gomez coming back to Waverly Place isn’t just a TV comeback; it’s a blast from the past for those who grew up loving the original series, and a reminder that we’ve all got a bit of magic in us, even when adulting feels like a drag.

Get ready to dive back into the fun and wisdom of Waverly Place, as Selena Gomez brings Alex Russo to life in a grown-up world that’s still bursting with magic.

Watch “Wizards of Waverly Place” over at Disney.