Seth Rogen is the new voice of Toronto and Vancouver’s public transport systems

The good people of Toronto and Vancouver who use the public transport system each day, will soon be treated to the soothing voice of Seth Rogen on their daily commute.

The Canadian actor has been announced as the new voice behind each transport system’s public service announcements… and why the heck doesn’t Australia have something like this?

The voice of Canadian actor Seth Rogen will soon be telling people how to behave on the Toronto and Vancouver public transport systems.

Hello TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) users, Seth Rogen here. Backpacks are super efficient, I get it. They carry all your stuff. They hang on your back. They’re fantastic,” Rogen says in one of the announcements.

But when you wear your backpack instead of taking it off, it very much annoys everyone around you on the subway. Don’t be a backpack hunchback. That’s not a thing, but it is now. Anyway, don’t do it.

Rogen’s announcements are full of public transport wisdom. He also reminds commuters that bags do not need their own seat.

I was shocked when they went along with it, honestly,” Rogen told CBC News.

But they did go along with it and then I recorded it. And now, you can hear my voice giving you, kind of, etiquette tips.

Via Consequence of Sound.