Harmonies of love: Sierra Drummond’s melodic journey in ‘Songs for Danny’

Step into the enchanting world of Sierra Drummond, where melodies intertwine with heartfelt stories, and love blossoms like a delicate flower in a summer garden.

Happy is thrilled to offer an exclusive sneak peek into Sierra’s upcoming EP, aptly titled “Songs for Danny,” set to be her musical masterpiece of the summer.

If the raw vulnerability of an exposed nerve and the lyrical depth reminiscent of Joni Mitchell’s finest works in “Signs” is anything to go by, then Sierra Drummond’s forthcoming EP, “Songs for Danny,” promises to be a captivating journey that peels back the layers of the human experience, delicately weaving tales of love, growth, and the profound impact of shared moments.

sierra drummond

Sierra, a devoted music professional, has dedicated herself to the craft, tirelessly juggling a restaurant singing job, music students, and a whirlwind of performances. However, amidst the chaos, her own artistic endeavours have taken a backseat, leaving her with a collection of 25 original songs waiting to be recorded and shared with the world.

In a stroke of inspiration, Sierra has found solace in categorising her songs, starting with her next release, which beautifully chronicles her profound connection with her partner, Danny.

Through her melodic storytelling, Sierra unveils a collection of five songs, each a precious chapter in their love story. From the early stages of their connection to the profound growth they have experienced together, these songs paint a vivid picture of their shared experiences.

Join Sierra as she takes us on a sonic adventure, starting with “Toast,” a delightful tribute to the simple pleasures that have become the cornerstone of their bond. From there, we venture into “Homecoming,” a nostalgic nod to the place where their journey began, capturing the essence of finding “home” in each other’s arms.

As the EP unfolds, we are treated to the introspective and tender moments that Sierra has etched into melodies. “Slow Morning” stands as a heartfelt gift, an anthem celebrating Danny’s love for unhurried moments and teaching Sierra the beauty of slowing down. Meanwhile, “Look Out For Me” delves into the complexities of love, navigating the delicate balance between vulnerability and growth.

Lastly, we are graced with “Sandy,” a heartfelt tribute to Danny that encapsulates the very essence of their shared life. This final track ties together the themes of love, slow mornings, and the simple joys they have built their connection upon.

With each song, Sierra Drummond opens the door to her soul, inviting us to witness the magic that unfolds when love and music intertwine. So, immerse yourself in the captivating melodies and evocative lyrics of “Songs for Danny,” and prepare to be moved by a love story that echoes in the hearts of all who listen.

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I wrote this song 3 months into our relationship, and I was certain it would scare him away. To my surprise, nearly 3 years now into our relationship, we sing this song together nearly every weekend. This song is about what it’s titled, toast, specifically, sourdough. Early in our relationship, which began during the pandemic, I was amazed by the extent of Danny’s delight, with some toast I prepared for him before he headed out to go surfing. If there’s anything that’s remained constant in our relationship, it’s his delight in toast, but also just the simple things in life.

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I wrote this song the first summer we were dating. I finished it months later. It aims to summarize the moment a person captures the feeling of “home” better than a place ever did. The title “homecoming” is also a nod to where we met, in our high school, where we shared a fondness for each other, but never enough to pry me out of my nerdy shell and into his classroom clownery.


Slow Morning

I wrote this song for our 2nd anniversary, as a gift (finances were suffering a little that

month). This song is also what it sounds like, Danny loves his slow mornings, while I wake up in a panic, for all the things on my to-do list I’ve yet to check off. One of the greatest lessons he’s taught me is how to slow down, at least in time to have coffee. It’s a love letter to his slow mornings.

sierra drummond

Look Out For Me

I wrote this song a bit later in the month after writing “Slow Morning.” This was the first love song I’ve written that includes a taste of both the good and bad. I’ve never reached a point in relationships in the past, where we know one another so well, that we also know exactly how to hurt each other. It’s all too easy to do so, even if it’s just to feel like you’ve won an argument. I wrote this as a reminder to both of us that even though we know exactly how to hurt one another, we can always try to give each other the kind of love we did when we first started.



I wrote this last song for Danny’s birthday. It is a love letter to the sand he tracks into all facets of our life together. Sandy, slow mornings, and toast. There’s a bit of a theme here.

Listen to Sierra Drummond here.