Exclusive Track + Q&A with Bloodhounds On My Trail

We came across Bloodhounds On My Trail a couple of months back and really loved their two demos. Now, they’re dropping a four track EP next Tuesday the 14th and launching it with fellow Roogazers Contrast and Luna Ghost. Here’s a sneak preview of Silence, It’s Golden off the forthcoming Escape EP as well as a quick Q&A with Chris from the band:

bloodhounds on my trail

HAPPY: You’re about to drop your debut EP Escape – how does it feel to have the tracks down and recorded?

CHRIS: Its always a good feeling. We are excited to see what people will think of it. For us its a good representation of our sound & what we are about. Being around not all that long we wanted to have some tunes out there that people could have to get familiar with us

HAPPY: Who did you do the recording with and how was that experience?

CHRIS: A great man by the name of Matt Hosking engineered for us at Birdland and Los Bomberos. We wanted to work with him because he knew what we were after and it good to all be on the same page from the get go. Mixing was done by Rob Long at Birdland who was open to the kind of sounds we were trying to achieve as well as being technically fantastic. A great balance.

HAPPY: Is there a specific behaviour/diet/habit that you would recommend for a band going into a studio to record a gazy album? Anything you wouldn’t recommend?

CHRIS: 711 coffee for those all nighters is must but at the same time, not recommended! Cant pass up $4 Lucky Coq pizzas either.

HAPPY: We first came across you guys when you were featured in Gabriel from Lowtide’s guide to Australian shoegaze bands – what’s the noise/shoegaze scene like down in Melbourne? Are you all buddies who – dare I say – celebrate yourselves?

CHRIS: For those of who do celebrate, I’d not be ashamed to say I’m mates with every band in the “scene” that I’ve met. Its just a great vibe. No ego, no ones pretentious, every supports everyone & most important there is awesome stuff coming out of Melbourne gazewise.

HAPPY: You’ve said you’re big fans of all the classic late 80’s, early 90’s shoegaze stuff, but what else do you listen to? Any closet Aussie hip-hop or oldschool soul fans in the band?

CHRIS: Nik on the tubs is a big rockabilly fan. Our listening tastes do vary from your turn of 2000s indie rock to Yertle the Turtle funk out & electronic. Certainly no Aussie hip-hop.

HAPPY: You’ve been playing a ton of shows recently – any chance you’ll be sharing some live love with us up here in Sydney town?

CHRIS: We’re launching our EP down in Melbourne for now at Ding Dong Lounge. We are currently trying to organise interstate shows including Sydney. We gotta lotta love to give.

HAPPY: It’s easy to get lost in the tracks on the EP and just let it all happen, but there are some really cool moments as well – the beginning of Old Fools where that guitar cuts through and the beats on Jolly spring to mind. Do you have a favourite moment on any of the songs and how did they come about?

CHRIS: Purely from a selfish perspective I like the guitar intro of Silence, It’s Golden. It was kind of a fluke while mucking around with my tremolo pedal. There isn’t really any big production on this EP – how it is recorded is how it will sound live and that’s an aspect I really like. I feel strongly like its an honest effort. I’m a big fan of Nik’s sloshing hi hats in Old Fools & the vocal melody in the chorus of Dreamless is accompanied nicely by a well round bass sound.

HAPPY: Reverb or Delay? (if you couldn’t have both) Why?

CHRIS: Delay without hesitation. Don’t get me wrong verb is great (I use 3) but its only the cherries on top. I could get far more achieved with only delay pedals vs only reverb.

HAPPY: What piece of musical equipment are you most proud to have on your board/in your hands/on top of a cabinet?

CHRIS: The Yamahara. In joke. Come to a show and get in on it!

HAPPY: What makes you Happy? A well organised pedal board does wonders for my neurochemical interactions!