Single Premiere: Seyr – Never Missed

You’re sitting in a dimly lit bar, mulling over a whiskey based cocktail you don’t know the name of but for the sake of appearances you pretend to know to seem cool. Everyone around you is engaged in soft conversation, a welcome relief from the headache inducing club you that you recently escaped from. As you look up from your drink you happen upon something truly wonderful – a beautiful woman stands over by the bar. She catches you glancing her way, then looks back your way and smiles. You start to hear music, not the music in the bar, but a song in your head that promises the excitement of romance. That song you’re hearing is Never Missed by Seyr. *


Escape into a world of dreams with the harmonious duo of Seyr and enjoy a free download of their new song Never Missed!

Hailing from the UK is Seyr, a duo who came together late in 2013 to create sweet, beautiful music. And like any true music professionals Seyr first found life in the bedrooms of the duo as they spent their time looping guitar parts and other ideas late in the night or in the ungodly early hours of the morning. Many of their songs reflect the state of mind at these late hours – spaced out, introspective and questions that only spawn more questions in juxtaposing states of calmness and restlessness.

Which brings us to the track. Never Missed is best enjoyed with your eyes closed. Just shut yourself off from the world and let those tender guitar parts and echoing vocals envelope your entire being. Don’t play this when you’re at the gym, because chances are you’ll space out and drop a dumbbell on your toe**. Never Missed is deliciously minimalist –  it’s just vocals, sparse guitar and a barely there beat. The male and female vocals mix incredibly well, with the vocal effects elevating the parts to give it a comforting, dreamy quality. The lyrics capture the essence of midnight revelations you can make on a night without sleep. “Never thought about you babe, till I looked in your eyes” speaks in volumes about the kind of revelations that come from those restless nights.

You can get your paws on a free download of Never Missed up above. Seyr have just dropped their debut EP Nights Without and you check out the links below for more info.

*Is it painfully obvious that I’m single?

**Oh yeah, that’s why I’m single.