Video Premiere: Warehouse Eyes – Tokyo

Worlds away can share uncanny resemblances, reminding us of something without knowing why. You will see how the nightlife of Tokyo (as the song suggests) and your classic carnival scene share its parallels- darkness illuminated by measly bright lights can make all the difference, saturated and blinding colours to satisfy your visual cravings, thousands rush by stuck in their own world, vehicles fight it out for dominance (think cars and bumper cars), high structures box you in as they precariously hang above, there’s this constant sense of danger yet peace of mind in a refuge…

warehouse eyes

Alternative dream-pop band Warehouse Eyes tells it like it is – their haunting beauty surrounded by a menacing atmosphere is damn right enchanting.

Warehouse Eyes is an alternative bedroom-pop/dream-pop /rock five-piece band from Minneapolis, with Jennie Lahlum ( vocals, syths), Christopher Williams (vocals, keys, synths), Kevin Scott (bass), Matthew Vannelli (guitar), and Alexander Young (drums) . Named after a Bob Dylan lyric in Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands, the band released their debut track Tokyo earlier this year which was followed by their EP Carvings. Inspired by the likes of The Smiths and Bob Dylan and modern synths, you can expect a cross between The XX and Beach House – surreal ecstasy wrought by an eerie edginess that pulls people into a world of mysteriousness and uneasy calm.

The debut track off their EP, Tokyo, showcases Jennie’s vocals which carry this desirable cross between opera and pop – powerful yet contains this light purity about it. Self-described as an “opera-reject”, Jennie has found a genre that suits her well and will welcome her for what she has to offer- her opera background definitely gives her voice this unique depth. The contrast between the vocals and robust guitar and drums lines creates that two-faced identity about the song – innocence collides with unpredicted danger… prepare for the tragic conclusion to what seemed like the beginning of something special.

Warehouse Eyes’ latest release, Through the Glass, incorporates more synths, giving it that space-like fantasy quality. The downtempo instrumentals and sorrowful vocals are beautifully delicate but rather depressing (*sad face*) – the perils of love are clear and all too real.

This music video will capture all these elements of naive youth. It shows us that life goes by in this blur, and if we stop to gaze and mindlessness possess all the shiny and seemingly lucrative things around us, we can’t expect things to turn out well- seeking comfort in things that don’t reciprocate is a useless cause ( … I’m looking at you rainbow lights that give nothing in return and  yet we stare at how wondrous you are).

Defining our life by the love of meaningless things and filling it with fast and adrenaline filled fixes, might just cause us to lose ourselves- in an instant it can all go haywire and we wonder what we did wrong to deserve such punishment. And just like that, the video ends with a bang! Well more like an alarming red cloud of fog…but you get the idea.

True to their name, Warehouse Eyes will see right through you and bring out your thoughts and feelings to a not so intimate ‘warehouse’ space, where everything is mechanical, confronting, cold and potentially hazardous- they only means well by you, safe guarding you from the cruel elements beyond your four walls, preparing you for what you’ve been evading for too long. Their debut EP Carvings shows a lot of promise and Happy can’t wait for their next instalment!



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