Sinkhole opens on Gympie Road in Brisbane due to flooding

Major sinkhole opens on Gympie Road in Brisbane

A large sinkhole has opened up in Brisbane after recent flooding wore down a section of Gympie road in the city’s north.

Overnight a major sinkhole appeared between The Boulevard and Murphy Road on Gympie Road in Brisbane.

The sinkhole is assumed to be a result of recent flooding as its located above the section of road that Downfall Creek flows underneath.

Sinkhole Chermside
Credit: Facebook/Bart Mellish MP

The city is undergoing urgent repairs but state government MP for Aspley, Bart Mellish has urged residents to avoid the area if they can.

“Lane reduction likely to cause big delays today while it is being urgently assessed,” Mellish wrote on a Facebook post.

Motorists can only travel down one northbound lane in the effected area, which is expected to cause major delays around the nearby Westfield Chermside shopping centre.

So far there are no reports of any harm caused by the sinkhole, but this is just one incident caused by the floods in Queensland and NSW which have resulted in 22 deaths and millions of dollars in damage.

Yesterday the federal government finally announced that they would provide more financial support to victims of the flooding, but at this stage, Queensland is not expected to receive as much funding as New South Wales.

It comes after widespread criticism that the government were reluctant to dip into the $4 billion emergency fund that was said to be acquiring millions of dollars in interest.