Dutch rapper, Sjaak, bursts with entertainingly whacky dance anthem

Dutch rapper Sjaak bursts alive with whacky dance anthem ‘Trompetisto’

Known for his quirk and charisma, Netherlands artist Sjaak has released a chaotically spectacular burst of groove with Trompetisto.

Hopping on the electronic dance party train comes Sjaak, a Netherlands artist oozing sweet moves and a unique character.

Sjaak’s latest and greatest release, Trompetistois a trumpet-fuelled boogie wonder, released alongside equally out-of-the-box visuals by Zintuig Studio.

Photograph by Sven Scholten

The track kicks off with an echoed trumpet tune, as Mehdi Chafi (aka Sjaak) glides out the door and into the mountains of Austria. Boogying in a white muscle singlet, leopard shirt, and bum bag is an artist that strides with an infectious energy – and its bloody fantastic.

But the most completely bizarre part of Trompetisto is the striking contrast of the electronic bass with the lush green scenery. Much like Sjaak’s style, the thumping disco soundscape somehow blends with the natural environment; watching Sjaak fishing, drinking tea and picking the washing while he sings: “I have limo to pick me up when I go to club/ I have people hit me up when I go fucked up”. 


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Sjaak, a household name in Dutch media, built his career from the streets of Amsterdam. From a local youth centre in 2007, Sjaak has combined his street credibility with a huge dose of humour and is rapidly spreading his reign internationally.

Trompetisto feels like a blast into the house party stratosphere, you can’t help but hold on to Sjaak’s universal energy – it brings on an undeniable excitement to the groove. The quirky bass, swirled with trumpets and vocals is nothing short of a wonder. It is inevitable that Sjaak will bring on the greatness he exhumes, with the music video just shying from two million views and 13 million streams on Spotify.

Sjaak is a beacon of light into the party dimension, transcending genre and time – the only thing left to do is follow his lead and get down on it.