Sketchy Fancy craft something everybody can enjoy on Good.Bad.Happy.Sad

If you love your rock ‘n roll tinged by the coast, you’ll dig Sketchy Fancy. If you also love a bit of brass, have we got some good news for you.

The South Sydney-based act dropped their long-awaited debut album Good.Bad.Happy.Sad  last Friday, and let us say, it was a pleasure to wrap our ears around.

sketchy fancy good.bad.happy.sad

Sketchy Fancy weave a wealth of influences into Good.Bad.Happy.Sad, a body of work that’s both cohesive and wildly diverse.

Like many acts from the area, Sketchy Fancy call in notes from many of the ‘coastal’ genres and wrap them neatly into their own little gift. Elements of surf rock, psychedelia, reggae and easygoing blues are warped together seamlessly throughout Good.Bad.Happy.Sad, each track feeling like a well-considered fusion.

Tracks like Midnight Sun, Endless Summer or Sunny Afternoon are more down-the-line summer jams, whilst tunes such as Pub Rock or Here I Am form more upbeat moments – surely crafted as a boon to Sketchy Fancy’s live shows.

Within the walls of Good.Bad.Happy.Sad you’ll find something for everyone, from the relaxed do-gooder in need of an afternoon tune to the kid who just wants to dance to some live horns. Between it all, one thing is clear; Sketchy Fancy aren’t just here to have a good time themselves, they want you to have one too.

To celebrate the release of the album, the band are knocking out a few live dates around NSW. After spending some time with Good.Bad.Happy.Sad, enjoy it in the flesh on any of the below dates.

Sketchy Fancy live

Fri 27 Sept – Heritage Hotel, Bulli – Details
Sat 12 Oct – The Brass Monkey, Cronulla – Details
Wed 27 Nov – The Brass Monkey, Cronulla – Details