Slayyyter’s STARFUCKER deluxe offer fans something fresh and unreleased

Slayyyter brings it with STARFUCKER (Deluxe) delivering an additional dose of glittery pop magic with three new tracks

Slayyyter has freshly gifted fans the deluxe edition of her September 2023 album, STARFUCKER.

Aptly titled STARFUCKER (Deluxe), this musical gem adds three new tracks to the mix: ‘Starfucker,’ ‘Makeup‘ featuring Lolo Zouaï, and ‘James Dean.’

Slayyyter recently sprinkled some live magic during her headline tour, treating audiences to a sneak peek of ‘James Dean’ and a special rendition of ‘Makeup’ alongside Lolo Zouaï at The Novo in Los Angeles.

It’s clear that this pop powerhouse knows how to turn a live show into a glitter-soaked, unforgettable experience.

In a candid statement, Slayyyter shared her vision for the deluxe edition, expressing a desire to offer fans something fresh and unreleased.

“I wanted to do a deluxe of new songs fans haven’t heard and things that haven’t leaked,” she explains. “I think it’s a nice continuation of this era, everything fits into the album and tells more of the story.”

STARFUCKER, in all its glory, delves deep into Slayyyter’s pop persona, embracing themes of fame, sex, and Hollywood glamour.

The album has garnered praise from the likes of Rolling Stone, Billboard, and GAY TIMES, celebrating its sharp songwriting, inventive production, and playful lyrics.

Adding a visual feast to the mix, Slayyyter treated fans to live performances of ‘Miss Belladonna’ and ‘Out of Time’ through VEVO in October. This pop trailblazer also received the prestigious Gay Times Honour of Excellence in Music, a well-deserved nod to her creative boldness showcased in STARFUCKER.

With a staggering 300 million global streams, an 800,000-strong social following, and 25 million YouTube views, Slayyyter’s influence extends far beyond the confines of her music.

From front-row seats at New York Fashion Week to rubbing shoulders with the fashion elite, she’s making waves in the pop culture scene.

As the curtain falls on her Club Valentine Tour across the USA, where sold-out shows were the norm, Slayyyter leaves a lasting imprint on fans and the pop landscape.

The STARFUCKER journey is far from over, with plans to share the magic Down Under in 2024. So, get ready for another round of Slayyyter’s infectious energy and dazzling pop spectacle.

STARFUCKER, is out now via FADER and Virgin Australia. Check it out here.