Stevie Reiss pulls from all corners of his universe in the conceptual tune Hey Buddy

From classical pianist to experimental psych lover, Stevie Reiss brings his abstract dreams to life with single Hey Buddy!

Originally hailing from the rural NSW farming community Thumb Creek, Reiss now finds himself immersed in the city life. Making his way through the fast-paced climate of Sydney, the artist was unable to resist the pull of chasing his musical dreams.

With self-proclaimed flower-power era parents cheering him on and a history in classical piano and double bass, Reiss brings a unique flavour to his blend of alternative rock. While deeply favouring psych rock elements, (presumably the Hendrix influence rearing its head) Reiss aims to traverse a wide range of genre within his project, taking note from the greats (Bob Dylan, The Beatles).

Stevie Reiss hey buddy

In partnership with Dom Rocks, Hey Buddy! depicts an imaginary conversation between human and animal. Reiss presents himself as talking with his neighbour’s dog, becoming enlightened on the Buddhist concept of indifference with the help of his canine friend. Hey Buddy! runs far deeper than it’s premise may lead you to expect, Reiss’s own critical thinking exposed, and several questions of existence posed, all within the trippy four-minute track.

A commentary in equal parts on our human state of blissful ignorance and our likely false perception of the animal experience, Reiss captures both a philosophical inquiry and a jovial pause in time; the simplicity and the beauty that resides in our most monotonous moments.

Distorted poetic musings and an amalgamation of sounds that shouldn’t, yet somehow do come together to create the sonic backdrop of Reiss’s experience. Grinding electric guitar, experimental synths and a repetitive trap-inspired beat swirl around and in between Stevie’s detached vocal performance. Loose, invigorating and endlessly absorbing, there is something undeniably cathartic and charming about Hey Buddy!, and Stevie in general.

Reiss holds a firm belief in the power of music, and in his own personal chance at making it. His dreams are big, but his ambition and individuality may just be bigger. With an aim to connect and inspire, Stevie Reiss is on a path that can surely only lead him to greater heights.

Listen to Hey Buddy! below.