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Slice, chop and crunch: the TremStortion by Mattoverse Electronics

The TremStortion is the hottest new release from one man pedal army Matt Olson of Mattoverse Electronics. 

The pedal is a full-featured analog optical tremolo pedal capable of producing anything from pristine clean to fully distorted choppiness. Combining a windfall of wacky waveforms and gallons of gritty gain on tap, the TremStortion is the perfect addition to the modern pedalboard. TremStortion Pedal

TremStortion is the turbulent multi-effects pedal from Mattoverse Electronics. Its dual-design runs choppy tremolo in the front and gritty drive in the back.

Mattoverse Electronics is based in Wisconsin and strives to create innovative and inspiring effects pedals and it seems like the TremStortion is definitely up to the company’s usual high standard. With 8 unique tremolo waveforms, this pedal has you covered whether you need the smooth volume warbles of a sine wave or glitchy cuts of a noise wave.

Surrounding this central waveform knob are controls for rate, depth, output, and gain along with a 3 position toggle. This toggle lets you choose between pre-gain, post-gain, or mystery inversion tremolo (centre position).

The built-in distortion circuit gives you a rich, harmonic drive that blends perfectly with the tremolo. Onboard tap tempo and 0-5V rate sync input is also included for live syncing. The pedal uses a complete true bypass circuit in order to maintain that clean quiet signal path when not in operation. 

More info can be found on the Mattoverse Electronics website