PREMIERE: SLOMO’s debut single is a sprawling and intense offering of instrumental grunge

Meet SLOMO; a Melbourne-based group creating wild paintings of sound with woozy and abrasive instrumentation. With the release of their new single Then I Said, the trio have immediately built a sound for themselves that’s unlike anything else currently making the rounds.

SLOMO then i said

Melbourne-based three-piece SLOMO show us why they deserve our attention on their vibrant and suspenseful debut single Then I Said.

SLOMO’s music is like the soundtrack for an imagination. The way they layer their sounds will open your mind, surfacing your deepest and darkest emotions. Then I Said will shatter walls inside your head, completely penetrating your psyche.

The Melbourne trio are a testament to how emotive instrumental music really can be. I’ve had this track spinning on repeat all day, and with every listen I’m uncovering new textures and instrumental flourishes.

“Like most of our songs ‘Then I Said’ is instrumental which I think allows the listener to interpret it as they please,” guitarist Jem says of the track.

“For us, it’s a song about something snowballing along from miniature to massive. We’re not trying to please anyone except ourselves.”

Born out of a shared love for loud instrumental grunge music, the band has evolved into this emotive, thought-provoking, suspenseful and sometimes chaotic bombardment of atmospheric noise.

Then I Said is available on all major platforms now. If you want to grab yourself a physical copy of the track, pick one up at their single launch show on April 26 at Bar 303. More info here.

For now, do yourself a favour and listen to Then I Said above.