‘Soaking’: the Mormon sex act that is going viral on TikTok

Mormon teens are supposedly combating the ‘no sex’ rule with an interesting technique known as ‘soaking’ and it is going viral.

The innate human infatuation with sex doesn’t simply disappear when you are raised as a Mormon, as a viral video on TikTok is demonstrating.

The most peculiar thing about this act is the presence of a third person to help the horny Mormons get jiggy without dishonouring their religion.

Mormon Soaking
Source- Book of Mormon Central

Basically, the act is sexual penetration without the thrusting, officially referred to as ‘soaking’.

The ‘pleasure’ doesn’t end (or let’s be honest…even really start) there. In order to reap further benefits, couples are enlisting a third member to assist with the experience.

The third person, usually a friend (you would hope) bounces on the bed beside the couple to “get things moving”. This is referred to as “jump-humping”.

Former Mormon, Gary Knauer, told The Post that he had engaged in “several discussions” with fellow missionaries “concerning sex in general”. He went on to say that “some talked about soaking…Some would discuss that anal sex is also a way to keep one’s virginity”.

Knauer has since removed his name from the church’s records and has told sources “I never practised soaking. I was the sinner who actually finished the job”.

Briana O’Neal, another former Mormon has confirmed the trend saying “It’s kind of a hush-hush thing. Everyone knows it goes on, but you wouldn’t come out and say ‘oh yeah I soaked in my girlfriend’ or whatever”.

Not everyone is convinced that the trend is a prevalent as social media makes it seem.

Carah Burrell left the church 2 years ago and has since started posting about Mormonism on social media.

She has taken a swing at the viral trends saying that “it’s probably 99 per cent rumour and joke and a handful of idiots try it.”

Burrell also explains that “Mormons have very strict rules about touching over the clothes or under the clothes and no petting, so it’s all very much against the law of chastity and would still require the man and women to confess to their bishops.”

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Elders of Mormon communities have growing concerns that the act will not allow young people, in particular women, to participate in temple rituals.

It is also still possible to contract STI’s and become impregnated through the act of soaking.

As addressed by V.G Anderson, former Mormon, the act is just the result of a mass group of sexually oppressed individuals.

Anderson went on to say, “Forgiveness for having participated in ‘soaking’ or ‘jump humping’ will likely come easier to the young men than the young women who will still be viewed as unclean”.

The hashtag has been used over 25 million times on TikTok.