Soccer Mommy channels ’90s LA magic in her new track ‘circle the drain’

Soccer Mommy has dropped a new single named circle the drain and announced her new album to boot. The new record, color theory, will be released on February 28th.

Like many of Soccer Mommy’s tracks before this one, circle the drain paints a transparent picture of songwriter Sophie Allison’s struggles with mental health. The musical backdrop is one that’s pretty, familiar, and golden-hued; a little bit of Garbage, a little old-school Avril Lavigne, and plenty of the LA flavour Lana Del Rey has been enchanting us with lately.

Photo: Brian Ziff soccer mommy circle the drain
Photo: Brian Ziff

Soccer Mommy harks back to the golden alt-rock of the ’90s on circle the drain, another single from her upcoming album color theory.

The clip for circle the drain was filmed in an abandoned skate park in Palm Springs, directed by skater and photographer Atiba Jefferson. Just in case the throwback vibes of the track weren’t enough on their own, the clip has skaters, theme parks, and a sweet film grain. If you want your next music video to feel like it’s from the past, find a location nobody has set foot in for years, folks.

The video features Allison herself as well as pro skaters Sean Malto, Jake Anderson, Curren Caples, and Nicole Hause in tow. Check it out below.

color theory will explore three central themes; “blue, representing sadness and depression; yellow, symbolising physical and emotional illness; and, finally, grey, representing darkness, emptiness and loss.” It’s the first record featuring Soccer Mommy’s live band – who you might seen on tours with Vampire Weekend, Paramore, or Wilco since the last album hit shelves.

Allison’s latest singles have shown her new material to be as uncompromisingly honest as ever, each track following a paradigm of glittery at face value, heart-wrenching down below. circle the drain will lift you up then slowly drag you back down – and we’re here for it.


color theory is out February 28th via Loma Vista. Pre-order your copy here.