Soccer Mommy is back with a new attitude and a new collab

Soccer Mommy has teamed up with producer Daniel Lopatin on her forthcoming album Sometimes, Forever.

Soccer Mommy, AKA Sophie Allison, recently released her latest single, Unholy Affliction alongside the announcement of her forthcoming album Sometimes, Forever.

The Nashville songwriter has worked with experimental/ electronic producer Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) on this new project that is said to be Alison’s boldest yet.

Sometimes, Forever soccer mommy

“’Unholy’ was really fun in the studio because the end result was totally different from what we expected,” Allison explained. 

“Dan made this really cool sequence with the demo vocals that wound up becoming most of the song. It was nice to have two different versions of the song that kind of mashed together.”

While Soccer Mommy’s dreamy pop sounds still flutter around Unholy Affliction, it’s surrounded by this rich, sexy darkness.

The first single off the album that was released in March, Shotgun brings us back to the poppy hooks that you want to drive to which makes me think this album will be nuanced and emotional, to say the least.

Alison’s impeccable songwriting skills have always shone through her work and while some of her more recent projects tickle that 90s itch we’ve all accumulated, Unholy Affliction indicates a less poppy and a more grunge/ rock style. Think Portishead and Massive Attack with a lick of Spiderbait. What a vibe.

This new collaboration feels perfectly masterful despite what could be perceived as massive differences between the two artists. 

Indie-rocker, Sophie Allison has described herself as a “country girl” and Lopatin is known for his electronic experimentation and powerfully paranoid scores for films like Uncut Gems.

Still, the two came together seamlessly as it turns out Lopatin was quite a fan of Soccer Mommy’s work so when her label reached out, it was a no-brainer.

Sometimes, Forever was inspired by the concept that neither sorrow nor happiness is permanent. It sounds like the work is guaranteed to make listeners contemplative and I simply cannot wait to put my thinking cap on.


Sometimes, Forever will be released on June 24 via Loma Vista Recordings / Virgin Music Australia. Pre-order your copy here.

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