Society of Beggars wear pure rock grit on their sleeves with An EP Called Night

Even as we’re surrounded by a twisting maelstrom of fantastic new music everyday, it seems as a society we’ll never stop looking back to times gone by. There will always be a reverence for the true artistic souls of the past, the rockers and shockers who upheld their artistry as an extension of self, for better or worse.

You can see the grief of Nick Cave in the lines on his face, or hear the character of Mick Jagger in the creak of his vocals. There’s a magnetism to these acts, a drawing power that only damaged goods seems to boast.

On first listen, Society Of Beggars upholds that depth and authenticity, slingshotting it into modern times with a refreshingly grimy outer layer.

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Revel in the mire of yesteryear with An EP Called Night, a force to be reckoned with from Melbourne rockers Society Of Beggars.

An EP Called Night is the latest from the Melbournians, and once again Yianni Michalopoulos’ ragged vocals sit dead in front of the mix, screaming bloody murder amongst the industrial rock which forms the EP’s basis.

His guttural grunts and heart-wrenching harmonies bely emotions only the imperfect could muster. Like the recently eminent Car Seat Headrest, Society Of Beggars aren’t aiming for auto-tuned precision, rather they’re wearing their gruffness on the sleeves.

Rough around the edges and proud beats an artist who deliriously aims for perfection any day of the week.

Opener Old Haunts walks this line in a dominant fashion, seeing Michalopoulos hit his upper range, teetering on the edge of oblivion throughout the runtime. A recurrent piano quartet adds a soft eminence, bringing the longing of this track to the forefront.

If you hadn’t realised it already, let me spell it out: don’t expect An EP Called Night to lift your mood in any hurry. It’s a release brimming with hymns of loss and redemption, an outpouring of raw, darkened emotion that will sweep you away like an unstoppable tsunami.

Orbs holds this decrepitude in high esteem, a slower number but one that’s just as effective as it’s neighbours. Calibrate struts a flair for the dramatic in a frenzied breakdown ripe with moonlit guitar tones and screams of rent distraught.

Terrible Rain sits amongst the catchiest moments of An EP Called Night, vibrantly proving once again that you don’t need to be Adele to get your fans singing along. Closer An Angel Called Night is nestled right beside; a repetitive outcry of “She’s called night” forming a powerful, haunting end to the tracklist.

What Society Of Beggars have done on An EP Called Night is no small feat, and for a band who self-professes their driving force as the need to “reclaim the throne of authenticity and depth in modern rock & roll”, they’ve certainly made some thunderous progress.


Society Of Beggars are coming to a stage near you. Catch them on the dates below, and head to their website for any more info.