Some guy reckons he cured his coronavirus with whisky

Some guy reckons he cured his coronavirus with whisky

A 25-year-old man has claimed that he cured his coronavirus using the simple remedy of an inhaler, a bottle of whisky, and some honey.

The British man admits that he was given antibiotics by doctors, however, he refused to take them on the basis that he “didn’t want to take any medicines.”

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A 25-year-old British man has defied the odds, claiming he cured his coronavirus with one simple, “old-fashioned remedy”: whisky.

Conor Reed, who moved to China three years prior to teach English, said he was stunned when he found out he had the virus.

“I thought I was going to die but I managed to beat it,” he said.

Going into further detail about how he tackled the deadly virus, he described: “I used the inhaler which helped control the cough and drank a hot whisky with honey until that ran out. It’s an old fashioned remedy, but it seemed to do the trick.”

Reed, who is believed to be the first British case of the virus, contracted the disease two months ago. Following his diagnosis, he spent two weeks in the Zhongnan University Hospital in Wuhan, China. Reed declined offers to be sent back home by the British Foreign Office, who are currently helping evacuate their citizens from Wuhan.

Reed decided he would stick it out in China, and now he says he is “proof coronavirus can be beaten”.

Whilst refusing to take antibiotics sounds pretty dumb, an ongoing Twitter thread which covers facts relating to coronavirus proves that it might not be so stupid after all.

In the thread, the World Health Organization asserts that because it is a virus, antibiotics will neither prevent nor treat coronavirus. The organisation goes onto clarify that methods of treatment like eating garlic, snorting saline solution, and coating your body in sesame oil also won’t work.

However, there is no mention of the effects of whisky.

An unexpected outcome of the recent outbreak of coronavirus is the unfortunate spread of racist memes, as well as false information and conspiracy theories.

In the last couple of days, doctors in Thailand have reported promising test results after using a combination of an anti-flu drug and two HIV medications on a coronavirus patient.

In China, doctors have proposed a similar combination of drugs. Other non-medical professionals have treated themselves with a blend of Chinese skullcap, Japanese honeysuckle, and weeping forsythia – known as Shuanghuanglian. However, there is no evidence that actually works.

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