Somebody made a Tame Impala/Justin Timberlake mashup and it’s heaven

Here lieth the latest natural wonder of the internet. Enter a mashup between Tame Impala and Justin Timberlake.

Someone has decided to take it upon themselves to combine the music from Kevin Parker’s The Less I Know The Better, along with the vocals from Timberlake’s iconic hit SexyBack. Hilarity ensued.

Who knew Tame Impala and Justin Timberlake were so perfect for each other? The Less I Know The Better and SexyBack go head to head in this ingenious mashup.

The whole thing started when YouTube user May uploaded a mashup of the two songs, along with the keen-eyed observation that they both share the same tempo (117 BPM).

In the mashup, the single off Tame Impala’s 2015 album, Currents, provides the lush backdrop for the punchy pop vocals off Justin Timberlake’s iconic track. The tracks are close enough in key that they work together quite harmoniously.

Take a listen to the mashup below.

Predictably, the mashup spawned some memes – including one which features Moe from The Simpsons and Tobey Maguire dancing along.

This video was then re-appropriated by a Twitter user to document the adventures of a typical Friday night out. The result is exquisite.

Check it out below.

Then there is this video purely dedicated to Tobey Maguire dancing.

Where would we be without the internet?