Sonic Youth release 1987 live album ‘Hold That Tiger’

American rock legends Sonic Youth have released an updated version of their 1991 bootleg Hold That Tiger.

The recording was originally made in 1987 and issued as a semi-official bootleg cut, before the revived version was re-released via the Sonic Youth archive on Bandcamp. 

Hold That Tiger

American noise rock legends Sonic Youth have released an updated version of their bootleg live album Hold That Tiger on Bandcamp.

Hold That Tiger was a recording from the band’s performance at Chicago’s Cabaret Metro in October 1987. This was just a few months after the release of the band’s highly experimental fourth studio album Sister. 

The recording includes tracks a range of Sister as well as their third studio album EVOL.  

The bootleg version was partially remastered in 1998 for a CD reissue, which saw improvements in the audio quality, but not the tempo and pitch.

Steve Shelly explains in the album’s description that “The recording was nearly 60-minutes in length, so to prevent manufacturing a cost-prohibitive double LP, the master was slightly sped-up to fit the entire concert… on one single LP.”

The version released on Bandcamp has been aptly been described by the group as “the best-sounding version” yet, with pitch corrections by the band’s co-founder Lee Ranaldo.

Stream the new release above.