Former Sony Music Australia employees to file a class action lawsuit

Former employees of Sony Music Australia have approached a law firm to launch a class-action lawsuit against the global music empire.

The staff members contacted MacDougall and Hydes Lawyers in Sydney following Sony Music’s investigation into toxic workplace culture in its Australian offices.

The investigation into Sony Music Australia began after complaints from an employee in Sydney were made to the company’s head of human resources in New York.

Sony Music employee consider class action
Image: Mediaweek

I have been approached by a number of women who were seeking legal advice in relation to claims of bullying and harassment during their time at Sony Music Australia,” said criminal lawyer Lauren MacDougall.

I would encourage any other women or men to come forward. Depending on how many people come forward and what they have to say there is the potential of a class action.”

MacDougall is yet to speak on the nature of the allegations, so the form of the class action has not yet been settled upon.

The Sydney Morning Herald revealed that one of the women who contacted the law firm has also appointed them to act on their behalf in the investigation, saying that she did not feel comfortable dealing with Sony on her own.

Sony Music has let us down time and time again, many of us don’t feel safe speaking with the organisation or its local counsel,” she said.

Amid the company’s culture investigation, the Aussie CEO and chairman of Sony Music, Denis Handlin, was fired last week, as well as two other company executives, Pat Handlin and Mark Stebnicki, who were stood down.

Denis Handlin allegedly made pop singer-songwriter, Amy Shark cry after she failed to thank him in her 2018 ARIA acceptance speech for Album of the Year.

Denis threatens you and he punishes you, but he never does it to your face,” a former staffer said. “He does it via all these guys who come up to you and tell you he is angry and disappointed and he wants you out and you are a traitor to the company.”