Sophia Berlyn unveils her deeply relatable new single Can We Go Home Now

Up and coming artist Sophia Berlyn has unveiled her new single Can We Go Home Now, taking us on a journey through a quarter-life crisis that is all too relatable.

The 21-year-old, Newcastle-based musician boasts a wealth of skills on this new track, exploring that feeling we all get when we are kind of unsure exactly where life is taking us and what we are supposed to do.

Writing and recording music from your bedroom is a serious skill… and Sophia Berlyn proves she has it down pat with her new track Can we go Home Now.

In recent years, Sophia Berlyn has acquired a wealth of experience performing in the Newcastle music scene at places like Lizottes, Bar Petite, Darby St Live and Bar on the Hill. Through these performances, she has crafted her unique ability to transform any song into her own. However, this new track shows an even deeper level of originality and authenticity.

Berlyn draws influence from a range of Aussie locals, with Amy Shark and Vera Blue being clear vocal inspirations and Holy Holy being an instrumental influence.

Catchy guitar and rhythm are simple, allowing for Berlyn’s vocal and lyrical ability to really shine. Within one listen of this track, you’ll be simultaneously moving and thinking about where you’re at in life.

Through Berlyn’s unique songwriting style, she truly captures the essence of limbo between youth and adulthood; its frustrations and tensions. It’s a great track that shows solid potential for Sophia Berlyn to continue to grow within the Newcastle music scene and far beyond.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above.