PREMIERE: Delight in Maximon’s experimental new single Animal Lecter

Maximon are as unique as they come. Blending elements of funk, rap and jazz, they deliver a sound that’ll appease any explorative listener.

At the same time, their latest single Animal Lecter is as smooth as butter, thanks largely to the lyrical flow of vocalist Matty Neal.

With their melting pot of genres and sounds, it’s no wonder Maximon’s new single Animal Lecter is such a beautiful, cacophonous experience.

Imagine the hip-hop sounds of Gorillaz, The Roots, and Anderson .Paak meeting the modern funk stylings of Thundercat and Kamaal Williams. Top it off with the rock power of System Of A Down and Rage Against The Machine, and you have a delicious ice cream sundae that encapsulates the sound of Maximon.

Having only formed in 2018, the four-piece have been developing and exploring a sound that will make you think, but also want to boogie. With a clear taste for the unknown, it is no wonder this song is written in 15/8 time. The driving pulse of the bass creates the bedrock from which Matty Neal can rap from, aided by tasty jazz chords sculpting the groove and texture.

We had been playing around with the idea of writing jazz/hip-hop/rock tracks in odd time signatures and rapping over them. We had experimented with this idea once before with a song we had previously written in 7/8. The idea of this style of writing was new, challenging and excitingI asked Shane at rehearsal one day to play a groove in 15/8 on the kit…  little did we know that what he would play next would be the beat that created the feel and style of Animal Lecter.”

If you feel like delving into some new, beautifully coloured waters, Animal Lecter will get you there. If Maximon continue to dedicate such a high focus on innovation and exploration, they will certainly create a lot more incredible and unique music. Here’s a hot tip from the Happy Mag team: keep an ear on these guys, we’re expecting big things.