Soulja Boy has announced he’s selling dish detergent

American rapper Soulja Boy, or should I say, entrepreneur, has begun an entirely new hustle on top of his musical endeavours.

He’s outta jail and is determined on getting clean, but not in the way you’d expect: Soulja boy is selling dish detergent.

Soulja Boy
The Breakfast Club via Youtube

In a recent interview, American rapper Soulja Boy has announced a new business venture on top of his music: selling dish detergent.

The artist recently appeared for an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club which proved to be the perfect platform for Soulja Boy to discuss his newest business venture. Soulja Boy is no stranger to the business world, previously planning to launch his own SouljaGame console.

To the surprise of no one, this quickly fell apart in 2019 and he had to pull all the consoles from his website. This is just another day in the life of rapper Soulja Boy.

Soulja explained in the interview, “Once you get into the music industry, you branch out, you know what I’m saying?” Who can blame the man for trying? As Soulja said, you gotta do “different stuff, like, try different things, try different business ventures.” 

His soap company is called The Soap Shop and sports a clean website that advertises many unique flavours such as coconut and strawberry. The soap is advertised as high quality but at a low cost.

In the interview, Soulja declared that in 2020 he wanted to give back to his fans. To be fair, I’m not sure this is exactly what his fans were after. Regardless, the rapper made a straightforward yet valid argument that’s very difficult to counter: “I got dish detergent. Everybody needs soap.”

Everyone does need soap.

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