JKTS chats his new video, Travis Scott and taking LSD at his 21st

JKTS chats his new video, Travis Scott and taking LSD at his 21st

Rapper and self-producer JKTS (Jackets) has recently released a slice of fresh Aussie hip-hop with his single Vibrance. With a brand new video to accompany, we sat down to ask the big questions.

JKTS candidly explains the direct correlation to fashion and shares some insights into what inspired his shiny new video for Vibrance.

HAPPY: Hey JKTS! How’s it going, what’s happening in your world today?

JKTS: I’m good thanks. I’m currently at the central coast spending some much needed time with my amazing girlfriend. just a quick little weekend getaway you know.

HAPPY: Can you run us through the name Jackets/JKTS and how that came about?

JKTS: I didn’t want to start making any songs until I had thought of a name for myself that actually reflected some part of my personality, but honestly any name that I was thinking of at the time came across super corny to me. At that point in time, I was just starting to really get into fashion and clothing. Jackets to me, are one of the most versatile pieces of fashion, and saw that as the perfect reflection of not only my music, but my art as a whole.

HAPPY: Congratulations on the release of your first two singles? How’s it feel to put them out to the world?

JKTS: It’s kind of surreal. because these are thoughts and ideas that are consistently bouncing around in my head, but trying to properly portray them through just a general conversation with anyone seemed pointless in the fact that you see these issues or ideas in your own light. So by making them into a piece of art as a way to not only share them but convey them in the way you see or feel them is pretty crazy. but in saying that, I like to think my music is pretty open to interpretation.

HAPPY: How would you describe the songwriting process?

JKTS: It’s really quite a juxtaposition because sometimes it comes so naturally to me and the confidence I feel for the song follows along. Then there are times where writing a bar could take all day. It really just depends on how I feel and what I am talking about.

HAPPY: Lost and Vibrance are quite different in their approach – do you have a favourite?

JKTS: I don’t like to think anyone song is better than another purely in the fact that their impact or purpose will always be different. But if I’m honest, I feel as though Lost’s purpose, idealistically, is more important because its less selfish, more about how I see things around me. Whereas Vibrance is about what I was going through at the time in my life specifically. But Vibrance still goes hard though.

HAPPY: When it comes to producing, is that something that comes naturally to you?

JKTS: God, no. I would say the complete opposite. I had to work so hard to get where I am now and even then I still make some garbage ass beats. But I am lucky to have my great friend Jacob (Just A Gent) who helps not only in how to produce, but pushes me to be more creative and free with what I want to make.

HAPPY: When searching yourself online, there’s little to no biography on yourself, is that intentional? And do you believe it’s important to keep a certain amount of mystery?

JKTS: I wouldn’t say intentional. I mean I kind of messed up picking the name jackets. If you Google search jackets you just gonna find clothing websites, and it’s not like jackets are a rare piece of clothing. But I do agree that a certain level of mystery is important. I believe that detaching the artist from the art is kind of crucial, so you can see their art from an unbiased standpoint. But on the other hand, artists with a strong personality can be a contribution to why you love them in the first place.

HAPPY. The video for Vibrance is quite a trip, what inspired the shoot?

JKTS: Honestly, a night on LSD on my 21st birthday. The song and visuals are a product of the experience I had that night and what I took from the situation. Shit got weird but it was one of the best nights of my life.

Check out the new video below:

HAPPY: If you could play a show with any artists who would it be and where?

JKTS: 100% Travis Scott, honestly anywhere that people would want to watch. That dude has got the craziest energy on stage and I find that electrifying. Fuel to the fire.

HAPPY: What does the future look like for JKTS?

JKTS: A long, long road full of bumps and potholes, experiences and learning curves. So much beautiful music to be made, so many friendships and people I want to meet. Honestly, though, I never want to know what comes next. It takes the fun out of it!