Soundtrack to Slay: Father Superior

Soundtrack to Slay: Father Superior

Father Superior make hella cool jackets. It’s a collaborative project between co-creators Jodee Knowles and Gerard J. Cranney, an antithesis to fast fashion that sees old pieces of clothing given new life with righteous painted designs.

As Knowles says, “we just love the idea of being able to wear art out.” 

Soundtrack to Slay father superior

Soundtrack to Slay isn’t all vinyl and guitars. To celebrate the release of DOOM Eternal and pay homage to the game’s lineage, Father Superior designed a jacket you simply can’t ignore.

Knowles and Cranney are also both fans of DOOM, which is why they jumped at the opportunity to lend their creative flair to Soundtrack to Slay – a vinyl being produced to celebrate DOOM Eternal.

“When I first got asked to do the DOOM-inspired piece I was super excited and jumped at it and said yes,” shared Knowles. “The font and the typography was perfect – not only for Father Superior who’s dark and has that underlying dark element… Father Superior kind of represents that everyone has a monster on their back.” 

“[Gerard] was way more pumped than me because he had played the game religiously and wanted to be involved big time.” 

“I actually found it to be an honour to be involved in something that’s so in my past,” added Cranney. “As soon as I heard ‘DOOM Jacket’ I pictured this one.” 

The Father Superior take on DOOM is a fierce statement, a bold stamping of the franchise’s iconic logo on a battle-worn military jacket. Splattered in reds, blacks, yellows, and reds, it’s a garment which – rather appropriately – looks like it’s been to hell and back.

Like so many others, DOOM played an integral role in Cranney’s creative development. A cursory glance at the monsters, splatters, and runes adorning so many of Father Superior’s pieces would reveal as much.

“I do regard DOOM as a big part of my childhood,” he shared. “That was one game I did play and I did get stuck into, and love. I would have probably been 8, 7? Actually in my very first drawing book ever I think there is a DOOM character. I was just fascinated by the new reality, or the new alternate world. It was non-stop, it was probably what made DOOM stand out, come to think of it.” 

“It just kept getting more hectic. It’s a part of me, it’s a big part of me, for sure. I’ll never forget DOOM.” 


Soundtrack to Slay is a one-off 7″ record created in celebration of DOOM. The latest game in the series, DOOM Eternal, is out now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Soundtrack to Slay

A-side: Owen Penglis – Trapped on the Moon

Cover art by Miranda Lorikeet
Insert by Trent Pollard
Additional DOOM jacket by Father Superior