Here’s how to watch the ‘South Park’ pandemic special in Australia

South Park‘s highly anticipated COVID-19 pandemic special is being fast-tracked to Australia, set to air on new free-to-air channel 10 Shake.

The hotly anticipated one-hour South Park COVID-19 pandemic special is set to be fast-tracked to Australian screens tonight, for those in need of their Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny fix.

SBS recently broke the news that they would no longer be airing the foul-mouthed, always controversial animation after 23 years of being home to the treasure over here in Australia.

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The network’s statement read, “The edgy, irreverent and often controversial series broke new ground when SBS premiered the cult phenomenon in the late nineties, opening Australian audience up to a type of humour we’d never experienced before. We look forward to breaking new ground with some original content propositions for SBS VICELAND.”

‘The Pandemic Special’ will be the first hour-long episode in the show’s history, and with South Park‘s track record of taking aim at the likes of Scientology, Christianity, and climate change denial, there’s no doubt there’ll be something special in store when the show tackles coronavirus.

“But how do we watch the hilarity unfold here in Australia?” I hear you ask, well Channel 10 have come to the rescue, ensuring the hugely popular comedy remains free-to-air.

10’s new channel, 10 Shake, will be taking on the comedy series for future seasons, while also fast-tracking the 1-hour pandemic special in order for it air just mere hours after it comes out in the US.

10 Shake was launched just days ago, on 27 September 2020. Its programming is aimed at people aged 0-40, with a specific aim at young teens after 6 pm. Along with South Park, BoJack Horseman is also on the adult animation roster.

The upcoming episode’s ever-intriguing synopsis reads: “Randy comes to terms with the part he played in the outbreak, and the solution isn’t as simple as knocking out that wall to make a more ‘open concept’. We follow the residents of Park County as they face the challenges of the pandemic, and head back to skewwwwl with the gang as they face the normal.”

The South Park pandemic special will premiere tonight (October 1) at 8:30 pm on 10 Shake and will be available afterwards on-demand through 10 Play.