Victor Glover becomes the first Black astronaut to live on the International Space Station

Victor Glover will be the first Black astronaut to live on the International Space Station after he and three others completed the trip into space.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule docked at the International Space Station late Monday night, following a completely automated 27-hour flight.

The crew consisting of Mike Hopkins, Shannon Walker, Soichi Noguchi, and Victor Glover will be greeted by two Russians and an American who travelled to the station last month from Kazakhstan.

SpaceX Crew
Photo: Terry Renna

The brilliant achievement comes with a cherry on top, as Glover will be the first Black astronaut to call the International Space Station his home.

Speaking to The Christian Chronicle, Glover said: “It is something to be celebrated once we accomplish it, and I am honoured to be in this position and to be a part of this great and experienced crew.”

Out of the 300 astronauts who have travelled to space, only 14 of them have been Black Americans. Other Black astronauts have docked at the station for a brief time, but Glover will be the first to live there, as his tenure with the crew will last up to six months.

Victor Glover was not the only space traveller making headlines this trip, as a familiar face from the hit Disney series, The Mandalorian, made its way to the space station as well.

Yes, the cute and clingy little alien, Baby Yoda, was also brought along for the ride and could be seen floating about the cabin whilst the capsule made its way to the station.

The plush-toy stowaway is actually used to determine when the spacecraft is in orbit, acting as what is known as the flight’s ‘zero-G indicator.’

Phrase it however you want, this won’t stop us from believing they’re currently shooting Season 3 up there as we speak.