Spice Girls are making an animated movie

Everyone’s favourite 90’s quintet is coming back, this time in animated superhero form. Sporty, Ginger, Baby, Scary and Posh are working with Paramount to release the spiciest animated movie of the century.

The Spice Girls are working with Paramount on an animated movie that features each Spice persona with a super-girl power and music from the iconic 90’s female group.

Set to be released in cinemas in 2020, the film portrays each Spice Girl as their own character with a unique super-girl power to kick, alongside both old classic tracks and new music from the group.

The five are all “very involved” in the creative process of the film, according to Paramount Animation president Mireille Soria who further adds that The Spice Girls “had an idea that we’ve been developing”.

The Girls are working with power duo Karen McCullah and Kiwi Smith as the animated production writers (these two were also screenwriters for other era classics such as 10 Things I Hate About You, She’s the Man and Legally Blonde), and with Simon Fuller (Spice World) as a producer.

Fuller has confirmed the process, saying “We’ll be making an animated movie and there are lots of exciting plans to come.”

This is VERY exciting.

The Spice Girls World 2019 is in full swing, but the prospect of another project from the best selling female group of all time we’re all gonna Wannabe lining up to watch their girl-power in full superhero force.