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Spitfire Audio’s vast LABS library of sounds is now available for free

The LABS library of sounds and samples from Spitfire Audio is a goldmine for producers and composers, partly because it’s extremely vast, and partly because it’s extremely cheap – actually, until recently, you could download anything from the library in exchange for a small donation to one of Spitfire’s partner charities.

Now Spitfire has announced that the entire library will be available to anyone for free!

spitfire audio labs free sample library

The vast Spitfire Audio LABS library of sounds and samples is now available for free, and they’ve launched their own plug-in to use it.

“The Spitfire Audio LABS programme is an infinite series of software instruments, free to install and easy to use,” reads the recently revamped LABS webpage. “Made by musicians in London for anyone anywhere; simplifying sound one plugin at a time.”

Until now, LABS sounds were only available in conjunction with Kontakt, however, Spitfire has also launched a dedicated plug-in so that anyone can access it.

As SoS note, for the new interface, Spitfire partnered up with Ustwo, the design company behind a new Hans Zimmer Strings instrument, and the Monument Valley iOS game and the Headspace meditation app.

Sign up to Spitfire’s LABS here. And check the website for more info.