Spookyland @ the Standard Bowl

If there’s one show you should catch tonight in Sydney, it’s Day Ravies at the Petersham Bowls Club. No, wait, what? Sorry, obviously from the title, I meant to say the one show you should catch is Step Panther at Brighton Up Bar. Shit. Okay take three – If there’s one show you should catch tonight in Sydney, it’s Spookyland at the Standard Bowl!

Nailed it.

spookyland standard bowl

With so much cool shit going down, we had some difficulty finding the best gig in Sydney tonight but we got there! Head to the Standard Bowl for Spookyland‘s second ever full band show.

You know him for his divisive single The Silly Fucking ThingIf you’re a stickler for sweet songs about girls, clean language and poppy, upbeat singles, you’re probably not a resident of the land of spooks. If, however, you’re a fan of unique vocals, emotional songwriting and swelling instrumentals, Spookyland should already be on your 2014 mixtape.

If you didn’t catch the band’s single launch at FBi Social last month, you should definitely hit up The Standard Bowl tonight (4th of July) to catch not only a great songwriter, but a thoroughly awesome show. Even if Silly Fucking Thing isn’t your idea of the greatest song ever written, the four dudes will absolutely blow you away with the rest of their set. Having premiered on Richard Kingsmill’s 2014 last Sunday*, the titular track from the upcoming Rock and Roll Weakling is an electric, rollicking affair that better represents Spookyland’s sound. Big, loud, a little twangy and, as you might have guessed, fucking rock and roll.

In support is Atlas B Salvesen, who like Spookyland have evolved from a solo, primarily acoustic project to a full band spectacular, and interestingly sound more than slightly similar in a live setting. Poetic songwriting from Iowa via Sydney storyteller Alastair Cairns is washed under (not over) with a strong midsection of distorted guitars and shuddering keys – much like the backing noise for Spookyland’s music.

As with all shows at The Standard Bowl, it’s absolutely free to get in. Doors open at 8pm and bands start a little after 9pm. Seriously, make sure you head along to this one, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll change your life. Or at least your idea of Spookyland.



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*Skip aaaaall the way to 1:54:00 to get to Spookyland!