Spotify announces ‘personalised’ mood and activity playlists

If you thought your relationship with Spotify couldn’t get any more personal, think again. The music streaming platform is taking it up a notch, announcing that playlists curated by the company, such as ‘dinner music’ and ‘working out’, will now be tailored to individual listeners based on their listening history.

This means that the playlists will be partly algorithmic and partly “personalised,” using data to manipulate song placements on top of pre-existing human curation. No two versions of editorial playlists will be the same, so don’t be offended when your friend listening to the playlist next to you has a better one, that’s now on you.

Source: Getty Images

Spotify announces editorial playlists such as for moods and events will now be “personalised” and based on your individual listening.

Spotify has confirmed only their editorial playlists will be affected, and artists will still be able to use Spotify for Artists and Spotify Analytics to check which of their playlist additions are algorithmic or human curated.

This change comes in addition to their ‘Artists’ and ‘Analytics’ features now providing artists with unique hyper-links whenever their songs are added to editorial playlists. That way, when fans click on the playlist, the artist they clicked on the playlist for will appear as the first song.

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