Spotify introduces limited ‘Only You’ feature to show off how unique you are

Spotify has introduced the Only You feature to further enhance your listening experience and better understand how you listen to music.

Spotify’s Only You feature is the latest addition to the streaming app that takes a more personalised approach towards the listening experiences of its users.

Based on your listening habits, Only You provides listeners with a astrological audio “birth chart, revealing highly contrasting artists that you frequently listen to. The birth chart acts as an example of how aware Spotify is of our incredibly diverse music tastes and that it can certainly cater to them.

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Specifically, Only You introduces the following features:

  • An audio birth chart, or your musical astrologer, that suggests ‘Sun’ artists based on your current listening habits, along with ‘Moon’ artists to accommodate your more emotional side, and a ‘Rising’ artist, whom you have recently discovered.
  • Your unique artist pair that showcase your colourful, potentially contrasting, recent listens.
  • Your unique moment that captures an almost song you habitually listen to during the day or at night.
  • dream dinner party playlist, created using 3 artists of your choice that you would invite to dinner.
  • Your listening through time a summary of how your music choices transition through different eras.
  • Your unique genre combinations, which targets how your listening habits distinguish you from others.

Unfortunately, some users have already encountered issues with the ‘audio birth chart’, claiming to not have access to the feature:

Only You also includes an additional feature called ‘Blend’ which creates a playlist, fusing your musical taste with a friend of your choice.

Once you have updated your app, the feature should pop up on your Spotify home screen, prompting you to discover “Which artists, songs, and podcasts set you apart?“, offering a highly-curated plethora of listening options that appeal to your ever-changing musical interests.

spotify blend feature only you personalisation
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The Blended feature is designed for two people only, and is created automatically to show how your music taste fares with your chosen person’s.

The feature ends June 30, so dive in and explore what else soothes your ear drums and makes your soul happy!