Growing up and breaking down with STAN

Apathetic venting becomes a transformative catharsis for this Brisbane trio.

In the shimmering opening notes of “I Had A Breakdown Last Year,” STAN invites us on an emotional journey through the ups and downs of life.

The mellow stage-setting guitar glitters like stars in the night sky, foretelling a song that delves into the depths of human emotions.

STAN the band

As the reverb on the vocals and background harmonies wash over the listener, it creates a lush, expansive soundscape, mirroring the vastness of the emotions expressed in the lyrics, “and I feel left out, yeah, I feel let down and out.”

With the entry of the drums and a slight rise in tempo, the song takes on a lightly anthemic quality, like a communal chant for those who are navigating the turbulent waters of growing up.

STAN manages to capture the essence of apathetic exhaustion in their lyrics, perfectly encapsulating the feeling of falling behind while everyone else seems to have it all figured out.

But despite the weighty theme, the song never drags or wallows in despair. Instead, it remains buoyant with a focus on the melody, which is undeniably beautiful.

The captivating melody is akin to the delicate yet resilient blossoms that emerge amidst the harshness of life, offering a glimmer of hope even in the darkest times.

STAN’s emergence as a queer three-piece from Brisbane/Meanjin brings a refreshing honesty to their brand of alt-rock.

Their witty and candid lyrics, coupled with catchy hooks and driving rhythms, create a musical experience that leaves a lasting impression. In “I Had A Breakdown Last Year,” they bare their souls and lay themselves bare, inviting listeners to find solace in shared experiences.

As the song builds, it becomes evident that it is not just about venting but also a tale of coming-of-age. Through their music, STAN weaves a narrative that resonates deeply with anyone who has grappled with mental health struggles or the feeling of being left behind.

It’s a sincere acknowledgment of vulnerability and a testament to the strength it takes to confront and embrace one’s true self.


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“I Had A Breakdown Last Year” is a testament to STAN’s growth and evolution as artists. With haunting vocals and poignant lyrical delivery, they showcase their most vulnerable and authentic selves.

The song serves as a gentle reminder that it’s okay to be raw and exposed, to share our struggles, and to find solidarity in the human experience.

As STAN gears up to release their upcoming EP at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024, fans can expect more of their signature candidness and musical prowess.

“I Had A Breakdown Last Year” sets the stage for an exciting continuation of their journey, promising more honest stories and captivating melodies that will linger in hearts and minds alike.

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