Listen to the Gerudo Valley theme played on ‘Stardew Valley’ music blocks

A creative Stardew Valley player has used the game as their instrument to compose a cover of the Gerudo Valley theme from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Something seems to compel a certain type of gamer to re-purpose aspects of the games they play for other purposes. Minecraft players come to mind, who have used the game’s redstone blocks to make everything from automated farms, to basic computers, to gigantic four-legged walkers. And then there’s Stardew Valley players.

Another breed entirely seem hell-bent on using their favourite games to make music – especially music from their other favourite games.

Stardew Valley Screenshot

Among these is YouTuber NetWarrior FM, who has recently used the game’s flute and drum blocks to recreate the Gerudo Valley theme from Ocarina of Time.

As it turns out, Stardew Valley players have been using the game to make music since it was released in the early months of 2016. We would be remiss not to provide at least a small handful of highlights, starting with this cover of the Tetris theme:

Some players aren’t afraid to use the game to make multi-instrument compositions, such as in this cover of the exceptionally brilliant Megalovania from Undertale.

And to round off, we’ll leave you with this absolutely 100 percent accurate recreation of the iconic Super Mario Bros. Overworld Theme.

It’s this sort of wholesome creativity that warms our stony hearts and reminds us what brilliant people our fellow gamers are. Good stuff, Stardew Valley community. Good stuff.