Stay chill this weekend Sydney. You’re about to get the hottest 3 days of summer yet

Stock up on Zooper Doopers and load up a Spotify playlist filled with the deepest chillwave you can get your hands on, because things are about to get dangerously hot in Sydney over the weekend.

The heatwave set to hit Sydney will arrive on Friday and go through until Sunday, when a cold change will come in to save the day. If you’re heading to a gig, rave or any house party in between, it’s time to stay safe.

The mercury will be cracking 39 degrees in the city and climbing all the way to a diabolical 46 in the West.

Photo by Brooke Tunbridge
Photo by Brooke Tunbridge

With Western Sydney set to record it’s 3 hottest days on record, don’t forget to put the important things first this weekend.

There’s some mad gigs on this weekend, and the last thing we’d ever do is dissuade you from hitting those up. But while you’re in an elevated musical haze of pure ecstasy, keep up that water intake and keep that body temperature down.

Weatherzone meteorologist Rob Sharp has warned Daily Mail that these three days are shaping up to be record breakers:

“The three day run from Friday to Sunday for western Sydney is likely to be the hottest three consecutive days in February on record.”

If you’re heading anywhere for a day gig, this just becomes more important. Fun fact, MDMA causes an average 0.4 degree rise in body temperature, so try keep that in mind. An easy and effective way to remember this tidbit is by association so just think: every time your jaw hangs left, it’s time to grab that next cuppa water.