Who needs therapy when you’ve got Shady Nasty’s track Upwardsbound to revitalise you?

Everyone listen up, because your life will get a whole lot sweeter now that the tunes of Shady Nasty are about to worm their way into your head.

And no, we don’t mean the Jazz Singer and Danny DeVito love interest in Its Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaShady Nasty are an undefinable entity who entered the Sydney music scene last year, one we’ve been obsessing over since.


Shady Nasty break all genre norms and blaze every trail there is with their knock out single Upwardsbound and the slick music video it’s packaged with.

The fusion of jazz with punk riffs in the song gives birth to a beautiful grunge lovechild that is like nothing you’ve ever seen or heard. Lead singer Kevin Stathis shows off his sweet pipes as he sings an unpredictable melody, using vocal leaps and punchy yells to keep listeners forever on their toes.

The heroic guitar shreds a hard-core waltz of pure gold while the beat infects you with an urge to dance maniacally.

While Shady Nasty are in a league of their own, Upwardsbound draws some similarities to the music of The Temper Trap, with its lyrical and musical poetry which does a better job than a therapy session.

The deliciousness of the tune has since been converted into visual form for your viewing pleasure, and oh man it does not disappoint. Without giving too much away, the boys party in a thick layer of smoke. Mysterious? Tempting? I think so. Give it a watch above.

Having seen the band live, we can attest to their ability to put any crowd under a spell that will make you dance like you have no dignity (in a good way).

Keep an eye out for the Shady Nasty’s movements, as they are sure to have a 2017 filled with giggles and singles.