Steezy 1,100 year-old mummy found wearing ‘Adidas sneakers’

You know your fashion sense could do with an upgrade when a 1,100-Year-Old has cooler shoes than you – Adidas sneakers to be (almost) exact.

In April of last year, archaeologists in Mongolia discovered an ancient mummy wearing a sick pair of shoes. She’s been all cleaned up now, and we can confirm, the shoes are, in fact, some particularly trendy Adidas sneakers.

Okay, so they’re not actually Adidas (mummy’s obvi aren’t made of money), but the craftsmanship is impressive, to say the least.

Adidas Mummy
Image: The Sun

After restoration, the shoes were shown to actually be a pair of striped knee-high felt boots with a black-and-red pattern, leather soles and decorative buckles. Oooft, that’s phresh.

“With these stripes, when the find was made public, they were dubbed as similar to Adidas shoes with the three stripes,” the director of the Centre of Cultural Heritage of Mongolia, Galbadrakh Enkhbat, told The Siberian Times.

“In this sense, they are an interesting object of study for ethnographers, especially so when the style is very modern.”

The mummified remains turned out to be a Turkic female seamstress who died in Mongolia’s Altai mountains. Scientists believe she was an outdoorsy type by her running shoes, but we think she also could’ve just been a streetwear icon.

But, how did she end up being literally ahead of her time? IFL science said that it’s thought “she died from a heavy blow to the head, judging by evidence of severe trauma present on her skull.”

The Centre of Cultural Heritage of Mongolia hopes to undertake further radiocarbon and DNA tests to find out more about this stylish lass, and the times in which she lived.

Along with her body, the archaeologists also found an ancient clutch bag, a mirror, a knife, a comb, a saddle and the entire remains of a horse. That haul certainly tops any ‘What’s In My Handbag?’ YouTube vlog.

ancient adidas sneakers
Image: The Sun

Between Marty McFly’s self-lacing Nike’s from the future and this mummy’s phresh kicks from the past, one thing’s for sure, shoes will and always be important. Marilyn Monroe was right when she said “give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world,” or in this case, the Altai mountains of Mongolia.