STEP Panel – Young Labels

There comes a time in everybody’s creative career where you attend what is called a panel. No matter what creative field you enjoy, be it video games, film, visual art or music, there is a point at which you feel it necessary to attend an event geared less towards the presentation of your chosen art form and more towards the industry behind it.

Men with beards and women with short hair and shoulderpads sit behind a wooden desk with microphones and glasses of water, answering questions to pertinent issues within the world of their creative field. You sit down and you film it in poor quality on your phone, making sure to shake yourself around and engage in conversation while filming, then upload it to youtube in the lowest quality possible.

There are dry snacks and free coffee waiting on a white table afterwords. These are the things I know about panels.


Taking place on the 4th of June and hosted by the most Melbourne sounding of all Melbourne collectives, the Society of Tastemakers and Elegant People (STEP), the panel titled Young Labels will discuss the dynamics and the ideology of releasing records ‘independently’ in this day and age.

Starring tastemakers and elegant people from, Zero Through Nine, Pilerats, Hand Games and Dot Dash/Remote Control, this is a must see panel for those who plan on releasing and selling music in a forward thinking model. Oh, and it’s a great place to pick up. Probably. I dunno. Maybe I should get down to one of these panels and actually find out.

As an added bonus, STEP are also presenting a bespoke line-up of emerging local talent – Lower Spectrum‘s ambient beatscapes, supported by what is described as ‘the fresh hip hop stylings’ of Milwaukee Banks, which sounds an awful lot like what Principal Skinner might introduce him as. Panelist LUEN will DJ out the rest of the night, making sure Boney stays pretty rockin until the early hours.

Tickets for this one will set you back a mere $12.00, which is an entirely reasonable amount considering you’ll soon be making stacks as Australia’s next big indie label. Doors to Boney open at 7:30, panel kicks off at 8:00 and music starts at 9:00.



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